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Why Do Dogs Tilt Their Heads?


Dog Behavior

Why Do Dogs Tilt Their Heads?

Does Your Dog Often tilt his head to noises? Relax! It’s Normal.

Experts believe that Dogs Tilt their head to adjust their pinnae, or outer ears, in order to better locate the origin of a noise.

That’s just one theory! Still interested to Know more about why Your Dog Tilt his Head?

Great! We will go through them one by one and it won’t be boring because quite simply, anything related to dogs can never be boring – so get your reading glasses and start reading.


Reasons why Your Dog Tilt His Head

While we feel our heart explode with love at this gesture, we seldom try to think about why they do it. There hasn’t been much research on this topic but there seems to be many speculations and theories out there on the head tilt.


1. To Locate the Source of the Sound

Suppose you are in a nightclub or someplace loud – to communicate with your friend and hear what he is saying, you turn one of your ears towards the source to hear clearer. It is speculated that our doggos do the same thing.

Our doggos have earflaps that move and while it might look cute and fun to play with, it actually helps them locate a source of sound more accurately.

So the next time you see your furry little friend do the head tilt, instead of going crazy over the cute quotient, first try repeating your words or whatever you are doing because he’s just trying to hear you more clearly and then help yourself to some craziness.


2. To See Things Clearly

We, humans, have a flat face and that helps us in viewing things without any obstructions. But pooches have a muzzle that can sometimes obstruct their view.

Our puppers look at our eyes, our face and our hand gestures to understand what we are trying to communicate with them. So by tilting their heads, it is speculated that it gives them a better view of our actions that help them interpret it more easily.


3. To Get Something they Want

Our fidos know we love them and so they sometimes abuse their cuteness to get more and more treats or toys.

When the furry little devil realizes that the head tilt makes his human go crazy in love with him, he remembers that, and every time he desires something, he simply tries to emotionally blackmail his human into giving it to him with the head tilt.

They may be the cutest but you never know what evil plans go on in their heads to extract more treats from you!!


4. To Show empathy

To understand something better, we sometimes rub our chins – similarly, it is speculated that doggos do the head tilt to understand our emotions – whether we are having a rough day or a very happy one.


5. Because of Some Health issues

If your doggo is keeping his head tilted and shaking it at the same time, it might be signs of ear problems or even vertigo and it is time for you to take him to the vet. This behavior is often followed by vomiting and loss of balance.

Well, as you can see, there are many reasons why they do the head tilt. The key is to stay alert and notice their behavior at all times. While mostly it is nothing to be concerned about, it is better to be alerted than be sorry later.


However, the bottom line is, although we have narrowed down the reasons for the head tilts, we know it’s the cutest thing and will keep on doing crazy things to make our fidos do that even if it makes us look like mad people in front of them.

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