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Helpful Tips to Calm Your Dog This Diwali

Helpful Tips to Calm Your Dog This Diwali

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Helpful Tips to Calm Your Dog This Diwali

Fireworks can be Fun for you but they are Definitely NO Fun for Your Doggo! According to a recent research, about 80% of the Dogs are afraid of Fireworks or Firecrackers.

In Fact, all animals are afraid of firecrackers or Fireworks. However, Some dogs show no sign of fear of fireworks, for example, hunting dogs, police dogs and so on, as they have been desensitized to the sound and smell of the Gunpowder.

Most dogs are not used to such an environment hence festivals like Divali can be really stressful.


Symptoms of Firework Anxiety in Dogs

Fireworks can cause extreme stress and anxiety in the dogs. Some of the common symptoms are:

  • Trembling
  • Shaking
  • Salivation
  • Uncontrolled Urination
  • Destruction
  • Hiding or Running Away
  • Seeking comfort from their human

More pets run away and are lost during the festival. So, it is important to keep your doggo calm and safe during the festival.


Why are Dogs Afraid of Fireworks?

It is Natural for Your Doggo to be afraid of any loud noise. Loud Sound triggers their Nervous system and may cause an anxiety attack. Hiding or running away is their natural, survival instinct.

Sudden booms, lights, and burning smell make them confused and nervous.

The response varies from dog to dog. Some dogs are extremely noise phobic and can get afraid even from a simple balloon burst.


Useful Tips to Keep Your Dog Calm during Fireworks

There are plenty of strategies and tips which you can easily use to calm your pooch.

1. Shut All Doors & Windows

Keep your doggo indoor, close the doors and windows to minimize the noise and impact of the firecrackers.


2. Keep Your Dog Indoor

Don’t let him roam outside. Don’t go for a walk. Don’t chain him. These things can cause severe anxiety attacks in the dogs.


3. Stay Close to Your Doggo

When in doubt, dogs tend to look at their human for a clue to check if the situation is normal or frightening. Play some music, TV and Bring his Favorite toys to play. You need to distract him from the crackers.


4. Don’t Force Your Dog

If he is hiding under the bed or behind the sofa, don’t force him out. Instead, shut down the windows and pull the curtains. Never Punish him for this Behavior.


5. Get out of the City

If you are not a fan of the festival. You can always go out of the town for a few days where the environment is comparatively peaceful.


Medications/Remedies to Keep Your Dog Calm

The best way to make your doggo prepare for fireworks is to make him accustomed to low to medium noises, Bright lights, and maybe some Gunpowder smell.

However, if your dog is still not ready for the fireworks, you can always consult your vet for mild sedatives to keep him calm during any such events.

We recommend prescription medication based on your dog’s medical needs. However, you can also use MelatoninIts Sedative properties are very helpful in treating Anxiety, Stress, Noise Phobias in Dogs. It is Safe and Highly Suggested by Pet Parents, however, it is always safe to consult your vet before giving any medication to your doggo!

This Diwali, make sure your Furry Friend is Happy and Safe. Make this Diwali a Pet-friendly Diwali. Your Doggo will Thank You For this.


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