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Buying a Dog? Follow this 10-Point Checklist!

Buying a Dog- Follow this 10-Point Checklist

Dog Parenting

Buying a Dog? Follow this 10-Point Checklist!

Even though there are far more dogs on the street, shelter, and rescues than forever homes available, some people still want to get Pure breed puppy from a breeder.

It may be because of the looks or personality of the Purebred, people are more than willing to pay a premium price for them.

Dog Breeders are popping up across every corner in cities and towns, however, some of them are not following the best practices to keep puppies and their mother healthy.

You might be surprised to find out that some breeders are keeping puppies in a filthy condition. They are just concerned about selling them and making huge profits.


Did You Know?

  • Approx 500 “Puppies for sale” Advertisement Appears online every day Across India.
  • 70% of the people buy puppies without doing any proper research about the Breed or the Breeder.
  • 20% People reported that their puppy became sick after purchase and 70% of them had to bear unexpected vet bill for the treatment.

It is up to You, as an individual buyer, to ensure that the puppy you choose to buy is Healthy, bred using best practices and honestly represented.

A Must Follow 10-Point Checklist Before Buying a Puppy From a Breeder

There are 1000s of Dogs and Puppies in the Rescues and Shelters waiting for their Second Home. They are equally Loyal and loving. Consider bringing one of them home.

However, if you still want to buy a Purebred, make sure You Follow our 10-Point Checklist. This will ensure that You Get a Healthy and well-bred Puppy.


1. Research on the Breed

Owning a dog is a highly rewarding experience but it also requires time and commitments. Make sure you research properly on the breed and only buy one if it matches your Lifestyle and environment.


2. Confirm that the Advertiser is Genuine

Saw a “puppy for sale”advertisement online? Don’t hurry! Always visit the Breeder and ask him to show the puppy where he/she lives. Never Accept to see the puppy in the Breeder’s office, car park or another location.  Never ask the breeder to deliver the puppy to your doorstep and never buy a puppy online from another city/state.


3. Puppy Should be at Least 8 Weeks Old

8-week is the bare minimum age to bring the puppy home. The Puppy you are planning to buy must be minimum 8-week old and fully weaned before going to his new home.


4. Check the Health of the Puppy

While it is impossible for a layman person to identify health problems by looking at the puppy. A healthy puppy will be playful, walk properly, eat properly, have a healthy & shiny coat and shows no signs of physical injury.

However, Ask your breeder if he can allow a vet to test the puppy you plan to buy. Normally, breeders should not have any problem.


5. See the Puppy with His Mother and Father

You should be able to view the puppy with his mom. We will say, insist on it. And if possible, ask to see the father as well. You will get a fair idea of what a Puppy will look like, his temperament etc by watching his parents.

If the Advertiser/breeder doesn’t allow you to see the puppy’s parents, it’s a clear warning sign of a scam. Avoid buying from such breeders.  You may end up buying from a Puppy mill.


6. Ask For the Vaccination Records/Details

Certain breeds are more prone to health issues and some diseases are fatal. You should always check the Vaccination details of the Puppy. By 8 week, the puppies must get their 1st Vaccination shots. Please refer to the Below chart for Vaccination details.



7. Is your Puppy treated for Worms, ticks & Fleas?

Dog worms and fleas can cause major health issues in puppies as well as adult dogs. Make sure your puppy is dewormed and treated for ticks & fleas.

Properly cared puppies should not have any worms or fleas. Having fleas are one of the signs that breeder is not following the best practices. It’s best to avoid such breeders.


8. Ask Question About the Puppy’s mother

You should ask questions and the breeder should be able to answer those accurately. Ask about the age, temperament, number of puppies in the litter, how many times she had given the birth and so on.


9. Check Breeder’s Registration

The breeder must be a registered one. Do not deal with breeders who do not have a registration certificate.


10. Have the Puppies been Socialized?

Puppies kept in cages, or in inhumane conditions have problems in socializing, learning and adjusting in a new environment.

Make sure that the breeder has an open space and allows puppies to play and socialize with each other.


Common Scams to Look For

Puppy mills and unauthorized sellers will try all the tricks under their hat to sell the puppy. Beware! Below are some common scams.

1. Seller telling you that you cannot see the puppy’s mother because she is out for a walk or gone for routine vet checkup.

2. Seller showing you puppies with a different healthy dog (mother)

3. Selling puppies online, asking money upfront by showing you the videos, images of the puppies and promising you to courier the puppy to your doorstep.

4. Seller promising to give you in writing on Pedigree paperwork.

5. Seller telling you that it’s normal for a puppy to have worms, fleas, and other common health issues.


All Dogs deserve to Live and Breed in a Healthy environment. We urge all potential puppy buyers to follow these rules rigorously and do not get involved with puppy mills and unauthorized sellers & breeders.

Enjoy a Pawsitive Parenting! 🙂


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