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8 Winter Care Tips For Dog Owners!

8 Winter Care Tips For Dog Owners

Dog Health

8 Winter Care Tips For Dog Owners!

Winter is here and you must have seen dogs in colorful coats, sweatshirts, socks, shoes etc. Cute, Instagram worthy, isn’t?

But, you must be thinking that does my dog really need that sweater and extra care during Winters?

Some Dog Parents believe that because of their Dogs have a coat of fur, they do not require sweaters, coats or extra protection during Winter months. That’s NOT Always True!

The Breeds of Dogs bred to Live in colder climate such as Huskies, Alaskan Malamutes etc. face fewer problems during cold winters as long as they live in the same climate. Once You Bring them home and they are no longer used to frigid winter, they become susceptible to winters.

Like Us, Domesticated Dogs (Dogs living amongst Humans) are used to the warmth of indoors, clothes, beds, and more. Cold weather can be Hard on Your Dogo and Winter is the time when Your Doggo needs that extra care.


Which Dogs are more Susceptible to Cold?

Any dog can catch a cold, however, Senior Dogs, Puppies, and Dogs with thin fur are more susceptible to cold.


Below are the Top 10 Things that You can do to Make this your Dog’s Best Winter.


1. Take Care of Your Dog’s Paws

Dog’s Paws, ears, and tail are most susceptible to Cold & frostbite. If you are taking your dog for a walk early in the morning when there is dew on the grass, make sure to dry your dog’s paws once you are home. The same thing applies if your dog steps into the water puddles.

You can’t keep your doggo inside all the time just because it’s cold out there. They need fresh air and some exercise/walking in the open for health purposes and doing their business. Just make sure to wipe their paws, ears, and tail once they are back home.


2.  Keep a Watch on Your Dog’s Calories

Winter is the time to snuggle up and be comfy in warm beds and blankets. If your dog is getting less exercise and spending most of his time laying around then you will need to adjust his diet accordingly.

Full diet and less play/exercise can make your doggo gain extra weight which is bad for the dog’s health. So, make sure that your dog is consuming fewer calories.


3. Keep the Heat Sources out of Reach

Dogs love to take quick naps, and, during winters they seek warm places to cuddle up and take quick naps.

This can be dangerous for them, especially if you have a room heater, burning fire or any other such open source of heat. They can end up burning their fur/coat or even get a serious burn.

So, keep the heat sources inaccessible to your Pupper.


4. Buy Him a Warm Jacket

Your pooch loves to snuggle up and stay warm & comfy. A Nice warm jacket, Sweater or Coat will do the job. Especially for Puppies, senior dogs, and less-furry doggos.


5. Cut Down the Baths

A Nice bath is good for your dog, however, cut down the frequency of baths during winter. Bathing leaves your dog’s skin dry which can cause dandruff in some dogs causing itching and irritation.

If you still are concern about hygiene, get a moisturizing shampoo for your pooch.


6. Keep him Hydrated

Water is crucial for your dog’s health. Keep your dog hydrated. Make sure his water bowl is full of fresh water. Change it timely and keep the bowl clean.


7. Go outside when the Sun Shines

If it’s too cold/freezing during early morning and your dog is shivering, don’t force him for a walk. Take him out late in the morning when the temperature rises and the sun is shining. Both, you and your dog can enjoy the sun and get your dose of Vitamin D.


8. Cozy Bedding

If your pooch sleeps with you in your bed, that’s good. But Don’t let your doggo sleep on the cold floor during winters.

Get him a Dog bed or make your own using baby blankets or quilt. Your dog will thank you for a warm, comfortable bed.


What About the Homeless Dogs?

That’s right! What about the homeless dogs? Who will take care of them?

You, me and all of us should take care of homeless dogs. If you can’t adopt them, it is the least that you can do.

  • Buy a jacket for the homeless dog living near your house. Make him wear the jacket. If you can’t do it yourself, ask a dog lover around you, he will certainly help you.
  • Put a Bowl of water and food for him outside your house. It’s hard for homeless dogs to search for food in the shivering winter. They will love you and will be thankful for your kindness.
  • If you have a big house, provide a homeless dog with shelter in your backyard or porch. Give him a rug or your old blanket.


Have a Happy and a Pawsitive Winter. Take Care 🙂

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